History - Major Events




1932   Fr. Joachim Ammann is appointed the first abbot of the Abbey Nullius of Ndanda.

1933   Abbot  Joachim is named titular bishop.

1934   Abbot Joachim is consecrated bishop in St. Ottilien.

1935  Beginning of Ndanda Mission Press




 1938  On August 1st: Abbey Church is consecrated by Joachim Amman.

1942  As the result of the WWII, again German Benedictines are forced to leave their stations.

1945  Bishop Joachim tenders his resignation to the apostolic delegate.

1946  Sakharani Farm is purchased.



 1949  In January Fr. Victor Haelg is named titular bishop and coadjutor with right of succession in Ndanda. He is consecrated in June of the same year. In December he succeeds Bishop Joachim as Abbot-Bishop of Ndanda.

1975  On 29th November Bishop Victor dies in Germany and buried in St. Ottilien.

1976  On 6th February, Fr. Siegfried Hertlein is elected 3rd Abbot of Ndanda. He resigns on 3rd November 2001.



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